lunes, 1 de enero de 1973

BIO Director

Raúl Rodrigo Venegas (Chile - 1973) is entitled audiovisual communicator Professional Institute of Art and Communication, the terms of Film and Video, part of the majors in the race. At the same time continued his studies in Graphic Design and Multimedia at the same institute. Since 2000 he has worked in various media communication, audiovisual producers, advertising agencies and independently as director of works and art pieces. His professional work includes method and creativity, it is characterized by excellent technical and aesthetic craft. Produces and directs their work, highlighting its efficiency to address and design projects. He has great skills to realize the projects, and has a characteristic perspective and a personal touch of seeing the world, which lies mainly in a critique of the establishment and expansion of search techniques and language. Raúl Rodrigo Venegas is an artist and creator with a wide repertoire of works ranging from literature to film.


2010. Dejar Todo
2010. Descarga
2007. Peligro de Temporal
2003. Lillo, estate atento!!!
1998. Dalimancha
1999. f 5.6
1998. Corrosivas en la Casa
1998. Reencuentro Rural-Urbano: Amuan Mawízapule Pemean
1998. Arrancado de su cuenca

2011. Prístinas en Tormento
2007. Metrópolis Video Danza
2003. Devastados

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